Walking Depression Pt. 2

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10 Ways to reduce ‘Walking Depression’

{If you are in a crisis, suicidal, please get in touch with the Samaritans (SOS 24-hour hotline number: 1800-221 4444), your local police, clinic or hospital.}

1. Building Your Self-Esteem: Beneath depressive symptoms, lies low self-esteem (LSE). With low self-esteem, you blame life’s not-so-pleasant events on how bad YOU are. Life starts appearing unkind. Which is not the case. Start boosting your esteem by affirming yourself daily. You deserve it. Or do something that you thoroughly enjoy😄…… like that boxing class you’ve always wanted to take up via SkillsFuture or that baking class. BE your BIGGEST SUPPORTER!

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2. Choosing Positivity: Always seeing the good in every situation is VITAL! It took me many years to learn this precious truth. Changing our thinking will change our feelings. When you’re in debt, start thinking, “I am going to pay as much as I can and little by little, I’ m going to get out of debt” (Power of Thoughts, by Joyce Meyer).

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3. Forgive: We hold onto hurts that we can’t seem to let go. But we don’t realise that bitterness and resentment only trap us in a cycle of pain. Forgiveness is not easy. It’s a day-to-day process but the benefits we reap are huge. And you’ll eventually feel that a huge boulder in your heart got rolled away.❤️

4. Healthy Boundaries: Sometimes, placing healthy boundaries around yourself prevents people from treating you like you’re not worth! Healthy boundaries are part of cultivating a healthy self-esteem. Mastering some conflict management strategies can help us a long way.

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5. No to Perfectionism: The need to do things perfectly can drive us crazy and spiral us into a whirlwind of depressive thoughts. “She could never go back to make some of the details pretty but all she could do was move forward and make the whole world BEAUTIFUL”. Perfectionism robs you of what you can offer the world.

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6. Reducing Stress: It’s very common to experience anxiety and depression at the same time. Constant worrying can leave us sad and unmotivated. Here are some ways to reduce your stress:

    • Vigorous exercise
    • Deep-breathing exercises
    • Do something enjoyable i.e. watching your favourite film or taking your dog out for a walk
    • Prayer & meditation that evokes peace and joy
    • Creating rituals to avoid things from piling up i.e. managing a bulk of emails over a cup of coffee in the morning

If the situation continues to remain stressful for a long period and you can’t cope, you may want to consider walking away for the sake of your health 🚣

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7. Grabbing the Moment: To get up and GO may require us to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. “Grab that positive thought and do it!”. The more you practise, the better you’ll get at it. Take control of that few minutes of negativity each morning and push yourself out of bed. And I knowww, mornings are the hardest for most people. So, make your mornings friendlier. Give yourself some time to ease into your morning with some decaf, prayer or journaling to kickstart your day.

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8. Being a Creative Learner: Everyone has moments where we feel stuck and clueless as to where our life is heading. But heyyy, we’re not all ”there” yet ❤️. So enjoy the process of searching for the things (or people) we love, and the stuff that works for us.

9. Gratitude: This does WONDERS for your mood. I cannot emphasise this enough. Give thanks daily for 3 things in your life (and write it down!). The shift in brain chemistry actually counteracts the negative thinking in depression. Focus on what is good. 😄

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10. Physical, Emotional & Spiritual:

  • Physically take care of yourself. Good quality sleep is phenomenal for your mood.
  • Your emotions need some lovin too. Talk out your issues to a friend or a counsellor.
  • Spiritual nourishment i.e. getting in touch with a higher-being can restore our purpose and give us back our drive.

Do check out these additional resources: http://gresik.ca/2012/03/10-ways-to-walk-away-from-depression/

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Disclaimer and terms: This content is not meant to be a substitute for professional diagnosis, advice or treatment.


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